Get Your Bling On! The Most Expensive Jewelry

Although very, very, very few of us can claim to own really expensive jewelry, here are a couple that would make you just gawk!

#1 The Bulgari Ring = $2.9 million

This rare blue diamond Bulgari ring was custom designed for a European collector in the 1960s.  The owner gifted the ring to his wife at an estimated $2.9 million value (imagine how much it costs now!) and is one of the most expensive jewelry in the world!

The Bulgari Ring

#2 Sotheby’s Green Diamond = $3.08 million

The green diamond ring from Sotheby’s has a selling price of $3.08 million and was initially seen at Sotheby’s auction of magnificent jewels.  Interestingly enough, the green diamonds weigh an estimated 2.52 carats.

Sotheby's Green Diamond = $3.08 million