This Girl Documented Her Last Moments With Her 16-Year-Old Dog By Making A Beautiful Photo Series


Our pets are definitely our best friends, simply because they’re always there as we’re growing up, and are always there to make us feel better after long and difficult days. The worst part is, they can’t be there forever, because our lives last longer than theirs. Mary Sharp and her lovely dog Chubby were best friends for a long and incredible 16 years. Cuddles and playtime approached both in a strong bond of friendship that you can’t possibly imagine. Although she loved her so, Maria understood that the time had come to let Chubby go. With the help of the photographer Suzanne Price, she had a series of beautiful photos taken to remember her best friend forever. She gathered old photos, and posed with Chubby for new ones. She also wrote a touching farewell letter that you can read below. Prepare your emotions, because this story of friendship is sure to touch your heart.


 #1 First Day With Chubby

“This was the first day we got her, I was so excited to have something of my own I could take care of and love. I love my little smiles and quiet moments where I’m so in love with this dog.”