If You Grew Up In The 90’s, You Had This In Your Bedroom


This will make you feel all nice and nostalgic.  If you grew up in the 90’s, you had this in your bedroom.  I mean, these things were only a rite of passage.  15 things a 90’s kid would definitely remember:

1. Lava lamp

I mean, the 90’s was a total re-incarnation of the 70’s, which was when lava lamps really gained their popularity.  You would sit mesmerized for whole minutes just watching the lava goop heat up and start to move up and down.  Those things were an awesome fire hazard.


2. Blow up furniture

Why?  Because it was the coolest thing to have see-through colorful arm chairs!  So what if they were actually uncomfortable, squeaky and usually popped a hole within hours– they were cool!


3. Glow-in-the-dark stars

These were totally awesome.  You could fill your whole ceiling with them and then lie there at night just staring up at all the stars.  Or, if you were like me and had the eyesight of a bat without your glasses, you’d look up and see those glowing lumps.


4. Colorful beads

This was another 70’s throwback item.  The beads were usually sold in stores like Claire’s, where everything was colorful and trendy to begin with.  You just wanted to feel the sensation of the tinkling beads overtime you walked through your door.


5. Scented candle

The 90’s was the heyday of the Yankee Candle Co. and your mom made sure to keep them in business by buying a candle for every room.  You were never allowed to light this candle though, for fear of burning the house down.


6. Bean bag chair

Whether large or small, it was almost mandatory to have a nice bean bag chair in your room to sit on while you did homework, or for when your friends came over.


7. Lisa Frank gear

Because, really, there was nothing better than rainbow-covered, unicorn-loving, polka-dots and frills Lisa Frank.  Those catalogues got you through some really rough times in life.


8. An American Girl doll (if you were a girl)

This was only a rite of passage in the 90’s.  I mean, you were growing up but no one was ever too cool for these awesome dolls.  Plus, they cost a fortune so you felt lucky if your parents actually caved and got you one.


9. A TV with a VCR

Now, you were lucky if your parents let you have a TV in your room but you usually weren’t lucky enough to have cable too.  So, you just re-watched all your favorite movies over and over again.


10. Stuff with your name on it

Whether it came from Land’s End or Pottery Barn Kids, you were lucky if you had towels, a backpack, a blanket or a wall that had your name on it.  Monogrammed stuff is the coolest.


11. A boom box

For all your awesome tapes and CD’s, of course, because this was long before iTunes came around.  You loved to listen to music in your room in order to block out the rest of the world.


12. A diary with an actual lock and key

You loved that you could write whatever you wanted and your little sister would never ever know.  At least until she found your key…or until you lost the key, so you couldn’t open the diary anymore.


13. A race car bed (if you were a boy)

These beds looked so awesome…except why would you want a bed that gets you all excited about racing cars and stuff when you’re supposed to be getting ready for bed?  Not sure but we loved these beds anyway.


14. Furry frames

You kept all your favorite photos in a prime location and surrounded by neon-colored fuzz.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.19.09 PM

15. Posters of your favorite celebs from Teen Beat

The magazine may have ceased to exist, but you’ll be forever grateful for your posters of Britney, Christina, The Backstreet Boys and Brad Pitt that adorned your walls.