Gross People Who Go Barefoot In Public


Is it the new hottest trend…or the grossest thing you’ve ever seen?  We’ll let you decide, but we’re not huge fans of bare feet when you’re out and about.  Would you be brave enough to walk around with your feet out…or would you like to keep your shoes on, thank you very much.  Do you mind the soles of your feet turning black just so your toes can feel the pavement beneath your feet or does the thought of that give you the creeps? Well…here are 15 gross people who go barefoot in public.

1. How about a walk in the snow?

Do you mind walking around barefoot?  How about going barefoot in the snow? We aren’t quite sure how he handles the sting, but we admire it.


2. How about some footie sandals?

If you can’t handle being barefoot but want your toes to have their own spots, wear some of these stylish shoes and everyone will know you mean barefoot business.


3. Black bottoms

Do people like turning the bottoms of their feet black?  Does it make them happy?  We think it looks nasty, but hey, to each their own, right?


4. Barefoot family

Is being barefoot in public ok?  But, what if you step on a rock?  Or what if a car skims over your toe?  Our species may have been able to walk barefoot years ago, but aren’t we too soft for that now?


5. Barefoot shower

Now, as long as you know your own shower is clean, we see nothing wrong with showering barefoot.  But, what about showering barefoot in public?  Ew…just thinking about all the possible fungus, mold and athlete’s foot around there makes us cringe.


6. Barefoot shoes

Why not let your soul…ahem, I mean sole, be free?  These shoes will let you do it! It look like you’ve got sandals on but underneath those soles and heels are free!


7. Barefoot on the subway

Ok one word for this– GROSS!


8. Do you like walking around with no shoes on?

Honestly, I don’t even like walking in grass without shoes on, but some people have no problem walking the street without any shoes to protect their feet.


9. Here’s your worst nightmare

You’re just sitting on public transportation, minding your own business, when it appears.  A large, uncovered foot right there for all to see.  What would you do?  Ughhhhhh…we feel bad for the person who has to deal with this.


10. Bare feet at the store

I think department stores expect their patrons to have shoes on — “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” right? Ok, maybe not for this lady.


11. Barefoot tourists

We hope they don’t get diseases in their feet


12. Barefoot at the grocery store

Why would you want to walk around the grocery store with no shoes on?  That place is cold!


13. Barefoot traveler

Since when did people start to think it was ok to walk around like this?  Ugh, we don’t want to see your toes!


14. Barefoot Taco Johns employee

What would you do if you found out your fast food worker was barefoot?  I’m pretty sure I would gag and ask for a refund!


15. Barefoot in the bathroom

All I want to know is why?  WHY?