Growing Plants That Defy All Odds


It’s not easy to be a growing plant.  You need water, sunshine, nutrients, rest, and time to get where you want to go.  And although some plants don’t get all (or any) of those necessary things for growth, they decide to grow anyway.  It’s what we called being planted in adversity.  These plants keep on going, despite their circumstances…and there’s actually a lot we can learn from that.  Here are growing plants that defy all odds.

1. Crack in the concrete

This small shoot is bursting up, even pushing through a concrete road.  Now that’s sheer determination!


2. This tree is all about the music

This tree was going to keep on growing, even if a piano had been placed in her path.  But, look on the bright side, now she’s forever connected to a musical instrument.



3. Out and up

This flowering plant managed to survive in between cracks in a rock and is now on its way up.


4. Desert blooms as a rose

Many people think deserts are just full of sand, dirt and nothingness.  But, there is a lot of beauty to be found in the desert.  Take these pink flowers, for example.  They grew up between two red rock cliffs and bloomed beautifully.


5. Blooming in a concrete jungle

It’s a rare and lovely sight to see something from nature growing right out of a wall.


6. Pushing past fences

This pretty peony managed to push through a crack in a fence, only to bloom out the other side, much to the joy of passers-by.


7. Green grass floors

This amazing Cathedral boasts an all-natural floor made of grass.


8. Boots and shoots

This unique garden is sprouting out of an old pair of boots.  That’s one way to put your old shoes to good use.


9. Bursting at the seams

These tough dandelions prove that you don’t need a perfect place to grow– just bloom where you’re planted.


10. Daffodils and gun shells

A tiny white daffodil peaks its head out of the end of a gun shell. Things can grow in unexpected places.


11. It’s not a hanging plant

It might look like one, but this plant actually grew right out of the bricks in this old building.


12. Urinal garden

Well, that’s one way to grow a garden!



13. Crooked trees

These old trees were planted and shaped to grow with the giant curve.  It’s not known why the original planters wanted the trees to look that way, but they still grow despite their curves.



14. Tree from a crack

This small tree is determined to keep growing, even if it has to get through the concrete to do it.


15. Tree in the middle of a lake

This tree sprouted out of a rock sticking up in a beautiful lake.


16. Strong succulents

These succulents decided that between two rock crevices was the perfect place to propagate and keep growing.


17. Growing greens

This onion that was kept in a pantry decided to keep growing on its own, despite missing all of the elements for life.  The green shoots are evidence of the growth pattern.