A Guy Jumps Out Of A Plane Without A Parachute, And The Result Is Unbelievable


A video has gone viral this past fortnight and, quite frankly, has hit the world by storm. Why? Because we’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Full of suspense, fear and anticipation, this clip has been proven successful in making even the most calm of people feel pretty nervous at the end result. Just to give you a general idea of what’s involved, the experiment’s subject, Travis, takes a crazy plunge of 9,000 feet from a plane, and free-falls all the way down without a parachute nor safety equipment whatsoever… until he lands safely and conveniently on a trampoline. Yes, you heard us right.

 How Was It Done?

The stunt, designed and created by a trampoline park in the US (California, to be more precise) known as Sector 6, was made possible by two things, and two things only. Firstly, the trampoline was reinforced to absorb the full and powerful impact of Travis’ landing, and secondly, he wears a ‘revolutionary’ geomagnetic positioning system on his belt. This uses the magnetism on the earth to enable the controllers of the experiment to essentially ‘steer’ Travis towards his landing spot, and undoubtedly makes us understand a little more about how he could land in the perfect spot from so high up.


What Were The Initial Thoughts?

The makers of this crazy experiment seemed pretty confident it would work, right? To be honest, this does lead to many viewers questioning whether the video is actually genuine or not, but we’ll let you guys decide that for yourselves. Nevertheless, the narrator states that if Travis makes a mistake on this, then the results would be “catastrophic”. This leaves us all hanging on the edge of our seats to see if he really will make it through the five by three foot opening in the top of a roof, landing straight on to a trampoline.


Will He Do It?

Will Travis succeed at this ground-breaking, record-breaking stunt, or will it go wrong and become fatal for this daredevil? Let’s see for ourselves…