This Is What Happens When You Try To Get Lips Like Kylie Jenner’s


We’ve all noticed the transformation.  Sweet little Kylie, the youngest one of the Kardashian clan is now getting her own turn with something her family members are very familiar with: plastic surgery.  The teen with formerly thin lips now boasts voluminous and supple lips.  Now other people are trying to follow in her footsteps by taking the #kyliejennerlipschallenge…and they’re all failing miserably.  Here’s what happens when you try to get lips like Kylie Jenner’s.

1. Exhibit A: Kylie’s new lips

Now, I know there are lip-plumping lipsticks and lip liners…but this is like seeing double.  Are Kylie’s lips really that much bigger??


2. Yes, yes they are that much bigger

For those of you who are  unaware, this is called plastic surgery.  This was a lip injection, Botox, a lip enhancement…whatever you want to call it, it’s not natural.  Just like that high arch in her brows isn’t natural either.



3. Here’s what happens when people try to get thick lips without going under the knife

This woman bought a lip plumping device online…only to have it go above and beyond her expectations….but not in a good way.

1. lip17

4. Other tried sucking their lips into a shot glass to thicken them

Yeah, that doesn’t seem to work too well, either.


5. The sucking leads to bruising and swelling around the mouth

Uh, anything to be beautiful, right?


6. It doesn’t appear to be working very well

The challenge has a hashtag and teens are trying to plump up their lips and add photos on social media.


7. Maybe extra-large lips aren’t really a good thing

It looks like you got stung by a bee on your mouth…twice.


8. Here’s the method: suck vigorously into a shot glass

Then hope you don’t get bruising and swelling.  It looks like this girl is going to be ok.


9. Other’s weren’t so lucky

This woman has serious bruising on her lips from trying to make them bigger.


10. It’s like ultimate duck lips land

It’s not a good place to be.


11. Nice try

But you’re not even close.


12. Even guys are trying it out

But, it looks like their results aren’t the greatest either.


13. Some lips just don’t need plumping

I think these lips were already good enough as it is.


14. So, there is a difference between plastic surgery and DIY

The sad truth: money makes things look so much better.


15. Ring around the rosy

This doesn’t look like a pocket full of posies.  Hopefully the swelling goes down.


16. Next time, love your lips just the way they are

Who wants to look like a celebrity anyways?


17. Just pucker up and kiss it

Because you’re just never going to look like Kylie Jenner, Ok?