Healthy Meals In 12 Minutes Or Less


Perhaps included in your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier (to know how to actually fulfill the best New Year’s resolutions you can actually make, click here)—but you’re not exactly gung-ho about the fact that you have to cook for more than an hour to get a delicious and healthy meal.  Why not just prepare a healthy meal for 12 minutes or less and get your tummy happy and healthy?

#1 Breakfast – Eggs in a Muffin

First, heat a pan using a spray of cooking oil over medium heat.  Season an egg with salt and pepper, scramble, and cook to no more than five minutes, based on your egg done-ness preference.  Top it off with a slice of cheddar cheese and wait for the cheese to melt.  Pile the egg and cheese on a toasted whole wheat English muffin and put in a slice of cooked Canadian bacon. For more recipes made better when topped off with an egg, that aren’t exactly healthy but completely delicious, click here.

Breakfast - Eggs in a Muffin

#2 Breakfast – Breakfast Taco

Spritz a pan on medium-high heat with cooking oil, scramble 3 egg whites, a small handful of spinach leaves, and a tbsp. of rinsed and drained black beans.  Season with salt and pepper to taste and wrap the mixture in an 8-inch whole wheat tortilla.  Top it off with 1 tbsp. of salsa.

Breakfast - Breakfast Taco