Here’s Why Dating Sucks In This Day And Age


Back before all the social media and constant connection with phone screens, people actually talked.  They, like, talked face to face and that’s how they were asked on a date and then on the date, they spent the entire time talking to each other.  There were no screens to occupy their time.  The guy probably brought flowers and the girl gave him a kiss on the cheek at the end as a thank you.  Times were simpler.  Well, now things have changed so much and navigating the dating world can feel more like trying to master a really difficult video game.  It’s all fun and games until your character does something wrong and accidentally dies.  Or, in real life, when you get dumped.  So, here’s why dating sucks in this day and age.

1. No human contact

Sure, he may take you out for a date or meet up for drinks, but beforehand, I’d say the chances of a guy calling you on the phone are pretty slim to none.  He’ll send you a casual text message so he can seem cool if you’re not into him. 


2. I couldn’t care less

Whoever cares less in the relationship holds all the power.  So, instead of showing someone how much they mean to you and trying to act like they’re special, people act like you don’t mean anything to them, so that they can win in the end.  It’s a cruel way to live.


3. No set plans

People want to do what’s best for them.  So, if he won’t set a date with you, or says he’ll “let you know,” or “maybe you can get together,” it’s not because he’s too busy– it’s because he’s weighing his options of what’s best for him.


4. Creepy or cute?

This is sad but true– if you’re being flirty and forward and the other person is attracted to you, it’s considered cute.  If they aren’t attracted to you– it’s instantly creepy.


5. “Wanna hang out”

This isn’t dating.  This is someone asking for a hook-up.


6. Game changer

Openly having sex with people that we aren’t sure if we are dating has made us struggle to define what a relationship is.  Like, are you friends with benefits or just hook-up partners or are you dating or are you just friends?  It’s all so very confusing once sex is involved.


7. Why isn’t he texting back?

Yes, he got your message.  No, he hasn’t been in the shower for five hours.  He’s probably seen your message and is choosing not to respond.  So, have fun with that one.


8. Social media problems

He’s going to be looking at other girls on social media, thus creating endless options for him and increasing his chances of cheating on you.


9. Freaking Tinder

Some people use Tinder because they’re lonely and want to find someone to love.  Most other people are just looking for sex.


10. What’s chivalry again?

When the last time that a guy opened a door for you, pulled out your chair, or offered his arm?  Sometimes we wonder if chivalry really is dead.


11. Getting dumped over text is just awful

What’s more disrespectful and mean than that?  They can’t even do it in person?  They can’t handle seeing you cry or hearing your voice wobble on the phone…


12. Guard is up

Because nobody wants to risk getting hurt, they put up a wall between themselves and everyone else around them.  It makes it that much harder to get close to someone and to get to know their ‘real’ self…because they don’t show it most of the time.


13. Fear of committing

No one wants to commit to something that could fail.  So, now nobody commits in relationships anymore.


14. Lack of labels

When you don’t know if what you have is something special or something worth working for, well, then you don’t have much.  You probably don’t have anything at all.


15. It’s complicated

Relationships are hard to attain and even harder to keep.  With many people in this generation unwilling to put forth such work as to maintain those relationships, they are all destined to fail.  Sad day, everybody.