Here’s What Being On A Diet Really Feels Like


So, you want to start a diet?  Well, that’s a great goal and getting started is always the easiest part.  It’s when you’re in the middle of the grind when things really start to get tough.  It’s when you’re craving a doughnut but have to say no.  Or when you’re literally salivating over a plate of pasta but need to order a salad instead.  When the going gets tough, do you get going?  We’ll see!  Here’s what being on a diet really feels like.

1. You realize you need to make some changes

You aren’t happy with yourself or your body…and even more importantly, you don’t feel healthy.


2. You ask yourself some tough questions

It can be really hard to know if you’re eating a whole and balanced diet.  I mean, you want to eat cake a brownies, but you know you should really eat more carrots and lettuce instead. 

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