Here’s Proof That Guys Have A Hard Time Getting Rejected


While perusing the internet, I came across this Instagram feed called “Bye Felipe” that features actual messages between two random people online.  It’s usually a guy trying to hit on or hook up with a girl and the girl either rejecting them outright or not responding right away.  The crazy part, however, is how the men handle the rejection.  Suddenly all their potential wooing turns into insults and mean comments. Whoa, boys– why the sudden change?  Turns out, guys don’t like being told no. So, here’s proof that guys have a hard time getting rejected.

1. Well, that progressed quickly

First, she’s the best looking girl on Tinder and after saying no, suddenly she’s the ugliest.  Why did he feel the need to insult her like that?


2. Sorry much?

Stan seemed friendly and kind there for a moment…until he didn’t.  Then suddenly he was a rude, threatening, scary guy that no girl would honestly want to go out with.  Stan man, what’s wrong with you?