Here’s Proof That Guys Have A Hard Time Getting Rejected


While perusing the internet, I came across this Instagram feed called “Bye Felipe” that features actual messages between two random people online.  It’s usually a guy trying to hit on or hook up with a girl and the girl either rejecting them outright or not responding right away.  The crazy part, however, is how the men handle the rejection.  Suddenly all their potential wooing turns into insults and mean comments. Whoa, boys– why the sudden change?  Turns out, guys don’t like being told no. So, here’s proof that guys have a hard time getting rejected.

1. Well, that progressed quickly

First, she’s the best looking girl on Tinder and after saying no, suddenly she’s the ugliest.  Why did he feel the need to insult her like that?


2. Sorry much?

Stan seemed friendly and kind there for a moment…until he didn’t.  Then suddenly he was a rude, threatening, scary guy that no girl would honestly want to go out with.  Stan man, what’s wrong with you?



3. You don’t get to make demands

Clearly, this girl isn’t interested.  She doesn’t respond over days at a time and she doesn’t want anything to do with you.  Instead of leaving her alone, you’re going to belittle her and demand that she speak to you?  Yeah, I’m so sure that’s going to work for you in the future…


4. Tell me about yourself

This guy decided that since she didn’t respond, he was going to try to make this girl feel bad about herself.  Wow, how is this ok?


5. What does feminism have to do with anything?

She doesn’t respond to a message and he assume all kinds of things about her.  Since when does a woman have to respond to every message she receives?


6. At least she let him know

What a jerk.  This guy quickly changes his tune after she lets him know that she’s not interested.


7. Don’t be too forward

You don’t even know this girl– don’t call her your love.


8. Good luck

She kindly let him down and he decided to turn on her.  Why do guys feel the need to call girls fat?


9. “Girls now have too much freedom”

Seriously dude?  Can’t you stop while you’re already ahead?  *Shakes head*


10. She doesn’t want to date you

When guys don’t get what they want, they feel the need to retaliate with threats and insults.


11. Go cut your face?

Well, this girl is just full of kind compliments today!


12. Seriously, go away

When a girl says no, I’m pretty sure she means it. 


13. Jump off a bridge

Because clearly, jumping off a bridge would solve everything.


14. “You’re too fat for me”

Instead of facing the rejection, this guy just tells her she’s fat to make himself feel better


15. Yeah…she’s not into you

This guy tries, tries again, insults her, then tries complimenting her again.  He has a few things to learn about dating before he’ll find someone.


16. “What’s’ your bra size”

OMG– seriously?  Leave her alone dude.


17. Bye Felipe

At least she got the last laugh on that one!


18. Heffer

This guy just tries to make himself feel better by putting her down.  Hopefully she just laughed at his ridiculous attempt.