Here’s Proof The World Has Changed A Lot In The Last 50 Years


Kids used to be free to play outside as long as they wanted to, telephones were only used when someone was too far away to talk to and video games were nonexistent.  Let’s just say that, today, things have changed a lot.  Check out the proof the world has changed a lot in the last 50 years– and not all of it is good.

1. We’ve changed sizes

Somehow, as our big screens got slimmer, we managed to get larger.  Pretty sure it should have been the other way around…


2. Whose fault is it anyway?

Back in the day, it was your fault if you got bad grades.  You got in trouble by your parents.  Nowadays, both parents and students go running to the teacher when grades turn out badly.


3. Running is a bit more complicated…

You used to just be able to go out for  a run.  And that’s it.  But, not anymore…now you have to get all your apps going, take a photo of yourself mid-run and then post all of your running stats online.


4. Cordless phones

When’s the last time you saw a phone with a cord?  That’s right, you haven’t seen it in a while because they are practically nonexistent now!  Phones may have started out with cords, but they sure didn’t end that way!


5. You’ve got mail

Nobody cared about getting mail in the post ten years ago, that was the norm.  But, it was an exciting feeling to get mail online.  Now, we’re completely overrun by email and getting a letter in the mail is an absolute thrill.


6. Hot dogs or legs?

We used to take photos of only really interesting things because we had only so many shots of film and we didn’t want to waste it.  Now, with endless amounts of data and photos, we take pictures of what– our legs lounging on the beach.


7. Shrinking and expanding

As our computers shrank in size, our waistlines did not.  We might have these teeny tiny tablets that do a million things for us, but we’re still fatter than ever before.


8. Sagging pants problems

Once we hit the millennium, pants began to sag a bit.  If they keep dropping at their current rate, men will surely be pants-less by 2030.


9. The rules of the game

If you were once excited when you unlocked a new level in a difficult game, think how happy you’ll be when you unlock a new level of spending on your credit card.


10. Wasting time

We have all the great time-wasters in this comic– yoyo’s in the 1960’s.  Pong in the 70’s, Pacman dominated the 80’s, Tomagochi things in the 90’s and now, Facebooking and reading this article.


11. Birthday killjoy

You used to get presents and time to spend with your friends.  Now, you get isolation and Facebook notifications. Happy lonely day to you.


12. The wonder of smartphones

Conversations actually happened before everyone had a smartphone and could look everything up, thus negating the need for talking.


13. Batteries and system updates

Technology used to be as simple as new batteries.  Now, parents need help with their new toys.


14. The doctor is in

While you may have dreaded shots or doctors visit when you were a kid, nowadays it’s the bills that really are terrifying.


15. Gold to water

With California’s major drought going on, citizens there are hoping to find water, while over a hundred years ago, they were hoping to find gold.


16. Playground shift

Playgrounds used to consist of swings, slides and play sets that kids would play on.  Now, they look more like computers.