Here’s All The Things That Suck About Having Allergies


You sneeze and wipe your nose all the time.  People ask you if you’re sick constantly.  You feel like you just want to lie down and take a nap.  You can’t enjoy the great outdoors because of all the cursed pollen…these are just a few of the awful things that happen when you have allergies.  And it gets even worse too!  Here’s all the things that suck about having allergies.

1. You know the whole ‘seasonal allergies’ thing is such a lie

Lies, all of them.  Lies. People just like to think they have allergies, but they don’t even know what it’s like.


2. Some days you can’t even leave the house

All that green stuff growing out there is making me simply miserable.


3. Your poor nose is raw from blowing it all the time

There are some thing you just have to do.


4. You really hate strong fragrances

They make you wrinkle up your nose and sneeze…a lot.  It’s not fun.


5. Windy days make you shudder

All that pollen just blowing out there in the wind…It’ll ruin me if I go out there!


6. Days when you forget to take your allergy pill are literally the worst

You feel like something out of the walking dead. allergy10

7. If you take your pill too late in the day, you’ll still suffer

Your eyes are red and hazy, you’re too cloudy to think and your nose is like a full-on tap.


8. Some days you just have to let Benadryl work for you

Which means you’ll be a sloppy, exhausted, mess all day long.


9. Sinus headaches are your mortal enemy

They leave you weak and defeated…which is definitely not how you want to be feeling.


10. Sinus infections are even worse because now you have to take a sick day and you can’t do anything but rest all day

But you can’t rest because there’s so much pressure in your head and you’re so uncomfortable you think you’re going to scream.


11. You love the outdoors…but you just can’t go enjoy it like everyone else

Unless you want to be a red sneezing mess the entire time.  And you don’t want that.


12. You realize that allergies are holding you back in life

Oh, all the wonderful things I would do if I didn’t suffer from allergies!


13. You can’t have a dog

You love dogs but they make your eyes go red and your skin break out in hives.  It breaks your heart but it looks like a pet is not in the cards for you.  Unless it’s a fish.


14. You hate cats

Cats, with their fur and their incessant purring and their mood swings, are pretty much your worst nightmare.  One moment they want you to pet them and love them and the next they’re trying to kill you.


15. You wish you could just cure your allergies and end the suffering once and for all

Wouldn’t that be a sweet ending for all of this nonsense that keeps you from really living life.  It’s like you’re the poster child for those sad allergy commercials with the blue person who’s stuck in a bubble.  You want out of the bubble.