Hilarious Animals With Shocked Expressions


Animals can be quite expressive in their faces.  They know how to show emotions like excitement, fear, worry and surprise.  Here’s a compilation of 19 hilarious animals with shocked expressions– and the possible reasons why they look that way.

1. “That’s the tastiest meal I’ve ever seen.”

This little creature is literally bugging out over the yummy dinner that’s not too far away.  We hope, with that sweet smile and seemingly innocent demeanor, that he’s able to catch it.


2. “OMG are those people kissing over there??”

That’s so gross…don’t they know this is a public park– everyone can see them.  You know it’s bad when I can steal graham crackers from their picnic lunch and they don’t even notice.


3. “What do you mean my hair looks bad?”

This bird doesn’t like criticism or snark.  And she certainly doesn’t like to be told what to do.


4. “It’s just been one of those days.”

I feel like I can’t even keep my eyes on the same level, you know.  It’s been a crazy, out-of-control kind of day.



5. “Wait– you use the water in the toilet bowl to do WHAT??!!”

It’s a rude awakening when your dog finally realizes that you don’t go into the bathroom to drink water out of the toilet bowl.  But, don’t worry, he’ll never want to take a drink again.


6. “Oops, I’m sorry– were you going to eat that?”

If you don’t want to eat your leftovers, you shouldn’t leave them in the garbage.


7. (Watching a fight) “Oh, ouch!  That ones going to leave a mark.”

This monkey is just glad he’s a spectator and not a contender.


8. “What, I like to eat, ok?”

There’s nothing worse than chowing down on a meal and looking up to see other people totally staring at you.


9. That moment when you get caught in a lie

“…uh…..didn’t I say that before?” *Gulp.


10. “Did you just call me fat?”

Never, ever, under any circumstances, comment on how fat your cat is getting.


11. The look you give when someone asks you if you’re ornery today

I really wouldn’t mess with the one with ruffled feathers, if you know what I mean.


12. When someone throws you a surprise party

“OMG yasssss! Thank you so much!


13. When you’re eating with your friends and someone says something downright shocking

“OMG I can’t even handle this right now.  I literally can’t even.”


14. When you put makeup on that makes you look permanently surprised

“I don’t know why everyone keeps asking me why I look so surprised all the time.  It’s just my face is all.”


15. When you get woken up all of a sudden

“Whoa there– don’t wake me up too fast or you’ll regret it.  Plus– look at me bedhead!”


16. When you overhear people saying nice things about you

“Wow, that’s so kind.  Oh my gosh, I’m so totally flattered.”


17. When you drop your last piece of food on the ground

The worst moment of all moments….nooooooooooo!

Shocked squirrel

18. When someone asks if you brushed your teeth this morning…

“Uhhh…….yes, of course I did!”


19. When you see someone you secretly hate

“Hey!! OMG how are you??? So great to see you!!!”