Hilarious Moments From The Girls In ‘Toddlers In Tiaras’


If you’ve ever seen the TLC show, “Toddlers in Tiaras,” you’ve probably caught yourself wondering, “what the heck is this?” It’s a good question…a question explored by the young girls themselves, as their mothers usher them into beauty pageants for children– whether they want to participate or not.  Whether you’ve watched the show or not, you’ll laugh at the antics of these sassy girls.  Here are some hilarious moments from the girls in ‘Toddlers in Tiaras.’

1. Why do babies need to tan?

Pageant moms find the need to make their daughters get spray tans, even when they’re already dark, like this sweet little girl.


2. You lead a rough life

It’s so hard being rich and famous, isn’t it?


3. Back up off my crown

These girls mean business when it comes to their hardware.


4. Big dreams in life

An octopus and photographer, huh?  This girl is going places somewhere fast.


5. With an outfit like that, she doesn’t need anything else

Lipstick will only detract to this outfit mom.  Plus, if the girl says she doesn’t want lipstick, she doesn’t want any lipstick!


6. Little girl speaks the truth

To a mom who’s being mean, this little pageant queen tells her mother the awful truth.


7. Here’s what’s really important in life

No more pageants– chicken nuggets is what it’s all about!


8. “I’ll still be gorgeous”

This girl is just going to life forever, isn’t she?  We hope she gets a nice big hope of humility later in life, preferably when she’s a vulnerable teenager.


9. Brown like Beyonce?!?

This little girl needs to learn a lot about life.  She’ll never be quite as brown as Queen B.


10. Pageant princess loves Spongebob

I mean, Spongebob, he’s a real hero, isn’t he?  We were unaware that Spongebob is a real movie star.


11. She’s just practicing for the moment that she wins

It’s a fake cry so everyone thinks she’s overcome with emotion, but really, she couldn’t care less.


12. This girl is just along for the ride

She ain’t got no frills or thrills.  She’s just chill and down with whatever.


13. All that glitters is gold

This girl loves sparkly things… I mean…who can blame her?


14. High aspirations

20 years old is much too old to do anything useful in the world, like acting and being president.  Since those are the only useful things a woman could do…


15. Being weird at home

I mean, being weird is what every girl does at home when she’s by herself.  It’s basically what dreams are made of.


16. She is not a Snooki lookalike

Snooki is clearly not Latina, according to this little spitfire.


17. Eden knows what life is all about

This is my kind of girl.  Eating should be a sport too. 


18. Using her money responsibly

Buying cats and candy is what brings me joy in life also.  So much joy from cats.


19. Get this girl some pizza, already!

She understands the finer points of life.


20. She’s a longtime professional

She’s been competing in and winning pageants for 16 years, so clearly, she knows what she’s doing.


21. When she looks sad and blue…

Don’t worry, she’s still smiling…just on the inside.


22. This girl knows she’s a winner

Clearly, she’s the cutest.