Hilarious Notes From Some Seriously Pissed Off Neighbors


Have you ever done something to make your neighbors mad at you?  Would you rather they come talk to you in person, or leave you a funny note?  Either way, we’re getting a kick out of these hilarious notes from some seriously pissed off neighbors.  You better keep it down– they can hear you when you’re loud, you know.

1. If you could limit your exorcisms…that’d be great

This is so incredibly polite.  We really appreciate their kind tone.


2. To the tune of the greatest hit of summer

Carly Rae Jeppsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” just got a new hit single…for all the times when your new neighbor is blocking your driveway. 


3. No such thing as Christmas in March

Just put your Christmas music away already.  And playing loud music (of any kind) at 7am is just wrong.  Just plain wrong.


4. No defecating because EW!

We’re sad this message even had to be written.  Um, can you say gross!!


5. Cover up or close the blinds

This poor college boy is just trying to study and these girls are distracting him with their scantily clad bodies.  What’s a guy to do?  Be decent and write them a note. 


6. Yeah Eric, stop throwing cheese on the roof

It just gets all melty and nasty and we spend hours cleaning it up.  Leave us alone.


7. Bad omen

Don’t steal a 4-year-old’s pool.  You’ll be sure to experience some karma from hell on that one.


8. Hide yo kids…

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is here with a little warning about stolen bikes in the area.


9. What’s up with the Wifi?

Don’t worry neighbors, Nick is truly concerned about you.  He wasn’t just using you for your wifi or anything…


10. Painted fence

We bet Bob was bugging his neighbor to paint his fence…so he did.  Nice one.


11. Don’t be a fattie– take the stairs

What we really want to know is who’s watching the people who take the elevator?  Is there a spy in the building? An elevator cop?


12.  It’s your move

If you call the police about your neighbor’s lawn, he’s going to fill it with ugly pink flamingos and then expect you to act. We think this is a pretty good idea.


13. Stop dropping butts

The cat is seriously trying to stop smoking.  He’s having a hard time so don’t make it harder for him.


14. Hey neighbors–we can see you

That’ll teach you to close the blinds and turn off the light!


15. Elevator farting offenders

Apparently this elevator has been gassed out so many times that the patrons can’t even handle it anymore.  Not only is this letter hilarious, it’s also true.  Don’t fart in elevators– it’s just plain rude.


16. Stealing plants is mean

How would you feel to go out to your yard and see that someone stole your prized plants?  How low and selfish!



This is just a really really nice way of telling someone that they are terribly loud and it’s distracting to you.