Hilarious Parents Who Fail At Texting


Parents try– they really do, especially at the whole technology thing.  But, usually, they just can’t seem to get a handle on it.  Here are some hilarious parents who fail at texting.

1. What day again?

It’s tough when you don’t know what WTF stands for.  It could stand for a lot of things, really. At least this mom is trying though, right?


2. Pretend boyfriend

“Cool” parents really want you to like them.  They also want to show the world just how amazing and special you are.  That’s why they embarrass you like crazy and text you things from your “imaginary boyfriend.”  You might think its weird, but be grateful– at least you know they care, right?



3. Bait and switch

That’s a mean trick to make him think he’s getting a car, just to make sure he’s getting your messages.  But, then again, maybe you’ll be quicker to respond next time.


4. Fail, just fail

Not only does Mom not have a grip on pop culture (i.e.: the photo of Britney Spears after shaving all her hair off), she also has a problem with autocorrect.  A problem she thinks is funny. Kids never want to hear about anything sexual regarding their parents.  Ever.

parents text

5. She didn’t get it

Oh, poor innocent mom who doesn’t understand common abbreviated slang.  She has no idea that her question was answered completely.   Parents are so out of it sometimes.

parents text

6. They like HP too?

It appears this Dad is a Harry Potter fan just like his daughter.  He gets the references and even uses them in a hilarious way.  This one is a win for Harry Potter fans and for dad.

parent text

7. The proof is in the pudding

Sometimes a little context and a name brand go a long way…in making a normal conversation a confusing fight.  Don’t worry Mom, she’s not actually pregnant.  She just got some sauce for the spaghetti.

parent text

8. Who runs the Google?

This is my personal favorite parent fail of all time. I love how Mom call it “the google,” and doesn’t understand that the logo changes daily…by Google employees.  If Mom only knew what kind of money her little one would have if he really did “run the Google.”

parent text

9. Mom got a new phone

Parents trying to use new technology is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks– they just can’t seem to get it.  Try as she might to be cool and use the voice text, this mom just isn’t getting it.  But, she is remarkably good at giving her phone directions for grammar and spacing.

parent text

10. Dad trying to be cool

Parents try to use the slang of our day to sound hip and cool.  The only problem is: uh, they totally don’t get it.  And they are anything but cool.  Just stop them while they’re ahead (or pretend like they’re cool, they’ll love that).