Hilarious Spring Break Photos


Ahhh Spring Break. A time to let loose and forget about school for a brief 2 week period. For many college coeds, it’s also a time to party, forget about self respect and just go crazy. Most of the time it’s good clean fun, sometimes not, but we here at BoredBug have compiled some of our favorite Spring Break photos that remind us what good times lie ahead.

1. Don’t Be The First To Fall Asleep

This is Rule #1 that applies to all sleepovers and especially Spring Break. If you do, this is what happens



2. No Sunglasses No Problem

It’s happened to all of us. You get to the beach, you realize you forgot your sunglasses. What do you do? Just the usual substitute…your underwear!!??


3. Tan Lines

This is probably one of the worst case of tan lines that we have seen. Note to self, don’t ever bring Crocs with you on vacation unless you want alien looking feet.



3. Don’t Trust Just Anyone To Put Your Sunscreen On

Whoever applied this sunscreen to this fellow isn’t a friend, although it will probably make for a hilarious photo one day. Someone should tell him he needs a higher SPF sunscreen too. This one just isn’t cutting it.


4. Making Mama Proud

Moms, when your daughters tell you they are going for a relaxing Spring Break on the lake, this is probably not what you envision them to be doing. Although we give this girl mad props for her balancing skills.


5. Splish Splash

This is um some unfortunate placement of bubbles in this picture. This girl looks surprised as well.



6. The Obligatory Boat Dancing Shot

We all know there are photos that are must takes during Spring Break. Two girls scandalously dancing on each other in bikinis while on a boat is one of them.


7. Tide Is High

Oops, someone called AAA Roadside Assistance. These poor people must have forgotten that high tide was coming. Good luck digging your car out of that.

Epic Beach FAIL: "Try backing up a little..."
Epic Beach FAIL: “Try backing up a little…”

8. DIY Flotation Device

Methinks this flotation device will probably not work out so well for this guy? A+ for effort though.



9. DIY Bathing Suit

Spring Break is probably not the best time to get creative with bathing suits. Not to mention, those CDs probably get pretty hot when the sun hits them.


 maxresdefault (1)

10. Just Cuddling With My Duck

This duck looks very uncomfortable. His cuddling partner, well he looks downright thrilled!



11. Where’s The Circus?

Another public service announcement stating that you should never be the first one to sleep or pass out while on Spring Break. This makeup though is both horrifying and amazing all at the same time.


15. Sand + Stillettos = No

I think it’s safe to say that these are probably the worst shoes to wear to the beach. Poolside? Maybe. Sandy beach? Definite no.



13. Inflatable Action

We hope this guy is getting some love during Spring Break and that this inflatable doll is not his only source of cuddles.


14. Grandpa Love

You’re never too old for Spring Break or for selfies with hot chicks. Just ask this guy!



15. Dude Where’s My Car

Couldn’t have found a better parking spot?


16. Check The Background

This is actually a lovely picture of a girl just enjoying her day at the beach. Just ignore those two dogs getting it on in the background.


17. Where Did They Come From

This would maybe make more sense if they were driving horizontally across the beach, but it appears this truck with trailer have emerged from the beach. In any case, they look very stuck.



18. Flexible

We have nothing to say other than, wow she is very flexible.