Hilarious Restaurant Typos You’ve Got To See!


When it comes to selling food, marketing is it’s life blood. It’s goal is to describe it as appealing as possible. You need to have wordplay and a little background on advertising for it to work well for you. That being said, marketing food is what drives the customers to buy. But apparently, these restaurants have missed the memo. While most of these mistakes can be directly attributed to a translation error, others fail so hard without any excuse. In other words, a simple spelling, vowel, or a single letter goes missing, and all hell breaks loose. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of hilarious restaurant typos for yourself! Wait until you see what they’re trying to pass off as ‘Angus’ beef. Heck, we’d be surprised if you didn’t cringe.

1. This person had too much scotch. We guarantee it.



2. “Hello. Yes. I would like to buy a vowel, please.”



3. Once it’s a typo. Twice just screams wrong.