These Hilarious Rich Dogs Of Instagram Are Living The Dream


Some dogs just can’t be happy with only a simple bowl of dog food, bones and stupid toys. Some dogs, just like their owners, prefer a life full of luxury and expensive toys. After we showed you the fancy life of the most rich kids on Instagram, it’s time to show you how their dogs live. It’s hilarious, and at the same time sad, to think that there are so many dogs in the world living the dream, and being treated so much better than most of the world population. But hold your tears back, because it’s time to laugh and feel a little bit jealous about the way these little puppies are enjoying their lavish lives of luxury.

#1 Sailing At The Best Of The Life

If you have any doubt that this dog is loving his fancy sailing trip, surrounded by champagne, girls, and the stunning blue ocean, just take one look at his little face. He’s so smug about it, it’s unreal. Any human would love this!