The Most Hilariously Bizarre & Low Budget Halloween Costumes Ever


It’s Halloween, and most people try to impress everyone at the party by decorating their face with out-of-this-world makeup or an awesome creative costume idea, without spending a gigantic amount of money, or even better – no money at all! That’s why Halloween is the perfect time to rummage through the attic in your grandma’s house and try to look for some old but super-cool stuff that you can use to create your costume on a really low budget. But, the thing is, not everyone knows how to work well with a low budget, and the results can end up being pretty damn awful. Here is a funny selection of 30 hilariously bizarre low budget Halloween costumes, all of which will make you laugh like crazy. Enjoy!

#1 Scary Toilet


#2 What Are They Supposed To Be?!