The Most Hilariously Ridiculous Fake Products You’ll Ever See


Some brands are so popular and famous around the globe that only a simple logo or product are enough for most people to recognize them, and know exactly what the brand is in an instant. For example, you can travel almost anywhere in the world and you will still recognize the big McDonald’s ‘M’ sign, and may even stop there to have lunch, since it’s so familiar to you. However, all this brand popularity can sometimes bring collateral effects, like ill-intentioned people who take advantage of these popular brands and products, and decide to create fake versions so they can make some money. Well, they try their best, anyhow, because the products we’re about to show you are hilariously ridiculous. Here is a special selection of the 30 funniest and most bizarre fake products you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

#1 ERROR 404


#2 Roxana?!