Home Sweet Home! What Celebrity Homes Look Like


Home is where the heart is, right?  Well, for some celebrities, home is where the steam room, library, tennis court and extravagant decor is.  Check out how the other half live– here’s what celebrity homes look like.  You might be surprised.

1. Kate Winslet’s home

This gorgeous estate is located in Sussex, England.  We’d love to have a tour of the vast home and ivy-covered walls.


2. Paris Hilton’s home

It should come as no surprise that Paris’ home is located in Beverly Hills and look expensive.  The home is a typical LA adobe style with a large pool in the back.


3. Drew Barrymore’s home

Drew’s home is a classic-looking ranch style home with a large expanse of grass in the front and windows all over. We love it!


4. Ryan Seacrest’s home

The TV host lives in style– in a large modern-style home surrounded by trees in LA.


5. Katy Perry’s home

We love Katy’s large and stately grey home with 3 garages, a pool and jacuzzi and our favorite part– a giant teepee in the yard. That’s just seems so Katy.


6. Rihanna’s home

The singer’s expansive home is large and flat, with a pool and a separate deck for sunbathing.  We imagine it probably has a pretty good view too.


7. Justin Bieber’s home

This singer has a GIANT home with separate guest houses.  It’s a pretty big place for just Justin.  If the other houses in his neighborhood were annoyed when he went egging…we can see why.


8. Donald Trump’s seaside escape

One of many homes for businessman Donald Trump, this oceanside paradise has got everything you would need to really get away from it all.  He must be pretty accostomed to living large.


9. Will Smith’s paradise home

Is Will Smith’s place a home or an amusement park?  It definitely seems large enough to be its own park with the large tennis and basketball courts, pool, trampoline and giant pond in the front of the house.  And that’s without even looking at the giant home?  Wow.


10. Mariah Carey’s home

Can you imagine being raised in a stately home like this?  You’d have more than enough room to run through the halls.  We are still wondering why Nick Cannon would ever want to leave this mansion behind?


11. Katie Couric’s home

Journalist Katie Couric has a beautiful home on the east coast that we would just love to be part of.  Katie, can we come and stay with you? There must be plenty of room…


12. Kim and Kanye’s home

This large LA-based home is new for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and their baby North.  The pool alone looks nice enough to stay and relax for a while and we love all of that green grass.


13. Mel Gibson’s home

This Malibu home is currently on the market, being sold by actor Mel Gibson.  It looks heavenly…could we buy for a few million less than he’s asking for it?


14. Jack Black’s home

This modern-looking space is the backyard of actor Jack Black.  We can only imagine him walking out those glass doors in a white robe to lounge next to the pool…


15. Oprah Winfrey’s home

We shouldn’t be surprised…this is Oprah we’re talking about here…but still…all we can think is, “Wow!”  This home is STUNNING.  No wonder she’s able to give away so many things.  Look at her mansion!


16. Britney Spears home

If we were kids, we would want to play at Britney’s house! Her yard is well equipped for kids with a playground and trampoline, along with a large pool and bar.  She’s got several garages and enough bedrooms in her house for a whole orphanage to stay there.  Hey Brit- can we come visit?