Honest and Hilarious Mother’s Day Cards You Should Actually Send


Mother’s day is around the corner and as you head to the store to pick out a cute card for mom, be sure to stop and get her some chocolates as well.  Also some flowers.  Maybe a new necklace and a sweater or two.  Just kidding–who’s got money in the bank to get all that!  How about you just send her one of these painfully honest e-cards instead.  She’ll laugh, swat at you and then give you a hug.  Win-win.  Here are honest and hilarious Mother’s Day cards you should actually send.

1. For the mom who has a secret favorite child

We all know there really is one kid that’s actually your favorite.  It’s the one who is the most quiet, the most polite and the sleeps the longest.


2. For the mom who’s used to being forgotten about on Mother’s Day

Yes, we’re all so incredibly proud that you managed to send an e-card.  A free e-card, mind you.