Hot Dogs Or Legs– Can You Spot The Difference?


Surely you’ve seen photos of people’s legs stretched out in the summer or while they’re on vacation.  Now, others are comparing the hot leg photos to two hot dogs placed next to each other.  And amazingly, the hot dogs do look just like someone’s legs.  So, now we want to know if you can tell the subtle changes between the two.  Here’s hot dogs or legs– can you spot the difference?

1. Legs in the sun

This looks like a sturdy pair of sun-tanning legs to me…but it could possibly be two hot dogs.  How will we ever know for sure?


3. Mistaken hot dogs

Though at first glance these appear to be hot dogs, upon further inspection, they are actually legs.  Look at curve of the knees and how they gradually get wider at the bottom, as legs do.