How Many Guys Has Taylor Swift Been With?!


taylor bfs

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.  She’s a great songwriter and country-turned-pop star…but the girl has had more boyfriends than we can count.  We decided to tally up the ones whose names are recognizable.  So, how many guys has Taylor Swift been with?

1. Joe Jonas

He broke up with her over the phone and she complained about it on Ellen.   She wrote “Forever and Always,” and “Last Kiss,” about good ole Joe from The Jonas Brothers.

Kevin Mazur

2. Taylor Lautner

They met on the movie set of Valentine’s Day and started dating afterwards.  They were referred to as “Taylor Squared,” (Taylor and Taylor, get it?)  After a back-and-forth relationship, they decided they would really be better off as friends.  It’s rumored that she wrote the song “Back to December,” as an apology to Taylor Lautner.

taylor lautner