The Huge Contrast Between Halloween On Instagram And In Real Life Is So True!


Halloween is always the time of year to dress up, go out and have fun, and share the pictures with your friends via Instagram the morning after. However, what a lot of folks don’t realize is that Halloween is not always like it seems from our smartphone screens. Below are a selection of pictures to prove that there are two types of Halloween – the normal one, and one for… well, show, basically. It also gives us a shocking contrast of the amount of likes between the pictures. Check it out!

 #1 Your Couple Costume

You are always expecting to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in time for Halloween night to try out that awesome couple costume you saw on the Internet. But, in this lady’s case, she made the most of her singledom and teamed up with her dog. You go, girl.


 #2 Trick Or Treat

Look at the surprising difference in the amount of likes between the bowls full of candy, and the donation box for Unicef. Oh, dear!


 #3 Face Painting

You spend hours surfing the net and watching that long Halloween make up tutorial, expecting to be the center of attention with your realistic scary Freddy Krueger make up, but after all the hard work and effort, you decide to keep it safe and draw some whiskers on your face, instead.


 #4 House Decoration

You were expecting to match that epic Instagram picture by filling your living room full of fake spiders, creepy candles and pumpkins. Instead, you realize that a few skulls here and there is all you can manage. Instagram makes it look a lot easier than it actually is…


 #5 Your Pumpkin Carving

You expect to have your pumpkins recognized by all your friends like some Ray Villafane masterpiece, but a few likes on your simple pumpkin picture is all you get. Awww.


 #6 A Whole Night Wearing Your Costume

You may think that going out as a shirtless Hulk or a slutty vampire queen will attract some attention on Halloween night, but don’t forget that melted makeup and the smell of plastic accessories will be the consequence after 6 hours of partying. How can this cute crying kid dressed as Where’s Wally get less likes than this boring couple?!


 #7 Halloween Expectations

You may think that everyone is waiting and working hard all year to prepare for Halloween, but truth be told, not everyone is prepared to give away their candy…


 #8 Halloween Food

You were probably planning a scary Halloween menu for your guests; Jason Voorhees burgers, spider cupcakes, things like that. But, when the time comes, calling for pizza seems like the easier option.


 #9 Halloween Costume

You probably looked everywhere you could to find the perfect costume, but the result was a little different than what you expected…


 #10 The Haunted House Experience

You assume you’ll be calling your girlfriend and friends to visit some haunted house looking for adventure, but all you get is your drunken friends trying to attack your sister inside your own house.