The Humanized Animals of Kate Clark


Kate Clark is a Brooklyn-based artist and sculptor who creates taxidermied animals that look back at you with human faces. According to the artist, the purpose of her creations is to investigate what separates, and at the same time, unifies the human and animal kingdoms. Clark hopes that her artwork will hopefully help people realize how humans and animals are not as different as we think. Despite the unsettling effect of her artworks, Clark’s goal is not to create monstrous creatures that will send chills down your spine, but to humble humanity as a species.

“I want all of my sculptures to appear dignified. The expressions are calm, and I generally have them meet the viewer at eye level, upsetting the hierarchy of man over animal,” Clark explains. “When confronted with the sculptures, the viewer generally has enough curiosity to stay with the work beyond his or her initial reaction. They spend enough time to recognize themselves within the work and find meaning in that connection. I’d like the viewer to recognize that we are part of the animal kingdom and think about what is still primal within us.”

Check out these unsettlingly enlightening works of art that blurs the boundaries of humanity while getting under your skin. Here are Kate Clark’s humanized animals.

1. A Rough Start

A Rough Start


2. And She Meant It

And She Meant It

3. Antics


4. Asserting His Influence

Asserting His Influence

5. Brooding Storm

Brooding Storm

6. Bully


7. Ceremony


8. Charmed


9. Choosing Her Words

Choosing Her Words

10. It Depends

It Depends

11. Licking the Plate

Licking the Plate

12. Lit From Within

Lit From Within


13. Little Girl

Little Girl


14. Matriarch



15. My Heart Beats Like Thunder

My Heart Beats Like Thunder


16. Night After Night

Night After Night


17. Pack



18. Pray



19. Preoccupied



20. Rivalry



21. Sharp Tongue

Sharp Tongue


22. She Gets What She Wants

She Gets What She Wants


23. Tale



24. The Answer to Your Prayers

The Answer to Your Prayers

25. The Map is Not the Territory

The Map is Not the Territory

26. The Widower

The Widower

27. Untitled (black bear)

Untitled (black bear)

28. Untitled (fallow deer)

Untitled (fallow deer)

29. Untitled (Female Bust 3)

Untitled (Female Bust 3)

30. Untitled (Male Bust 2)

Untitled (Male Bust 2)