If You Don’t Like Heights, Here Are Things You Definitely Don’t Like To Do


We’re guessing the things in this list are NOT some of your hobbies on the side.  Sorry you weren’t born a natural thrill-seeker…but you know what they say; the best way to get over a fear is to conquer it….just saying.  If you don’t like heights, here are things you definitely don’t like to do.

1. Bungee jumping

This is just not going to happen if you’re scared of heights.  There’s no way you’ll even be able to jump.  Nope. Nope. Nope.


2. Rollercoasters

Why would someone who’s scared of being up high want to ride something that climbs to new heights, while throwing you upside down and backwards.  I’m good, thanks.


3. Cliff diving

An obvious NO.  I don’t want to jump off a cliff…  I would somehow mangle my body upon entering the water and then drown. Plus, that free fall sensation is not appealing to me whatsoever.


4. Paragliding

Jump off a cliff in a glider so you can soar around like a bird?  Sounds like a nightmare to someone with height anxiety.  No thanks…


5. Skydiving

This is an obvious no for a lot of reasons.  1. You have to jump out of an airplane.  Yeah, no.  2. You free-fall for what will feel like forever, sure of your impending death on the ground.  3. You’ll never know if that parachute will work or not until it’s too late. 


6. Looking off a tall building

If you’re scared of heights, this doesn’t give you thrills, it gives you the chills.  It’s no fun to stand on something tall and look down.  And that see-through glass building in Chicago?  Yeah, forget about it.


7. Sitting on a cliff edge

Just thinking about sitting on a cliff can make some people ready to puke.  Who know– that whole edge could break off and you’d go with it, down to the bottom.


8. Zip-lining

Yes, this sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Flying through the trees with only a rope and a harness to keep you safe.  Oh, what joy.


9. Jumping off a high dive

Did you ever climb the high dive as a kid and then suddenly get severe anxiety right before jumping off?  Well, if you’re terrified of being up high, that fear may have caused you to climb right back down the ladder because there’s no way you’re flinging your body off that diving board.


10. Doing flips on a trampoline

Trampoline jumping is not too scary– you really aren’t going that high.  But, doing flips adds a whole other level. People who are scared of heights don’t like doing crazy trick that could lead them to fly off of the trampoline and severely injure themselves.


11. Ride in a hot air balloon

While most people put this on their bucket list, people who are afraid of heights would never ever want to ride in a tiny basket, high up in the air, with no control of their fate.


12. Ferris wheel rides

It’s all fun and games until that thing starts going up in the air.  Then it’s just 5 minutes of pure, sheer terror that you’re going to fall out…or worse, get stuck up there indefinitely.


13. Rock climbing

Although you might be good at this, don’t turn around and look down.  Because when do….it’s all over for you.


14. Crossing rickety bridges

This is no fun at all if you have to cross over a deep ravine, with only your hands and feet to steady you.  You’re hoping that the whole thing doesn’t collapse and leave you in a desperate heap at the bottom of a giant canyon.


15. Climbing on top of stuff

You just don’t really like climbing, period.  No climbing on big rocks, no climbing up buildings, no climbing to the top of a bridge.