If You’re Bad At Math, This Will Look All Too Familiar To You


Do you sit in math class with a glazed-over look and a feeling of utter panic and confusion?  Do you get stumped on math tests and wonder why you need to learn this stuff in the first place?  Or do you find yourself enjoying the solving of difficult equations and formulas, smiling while you solve and grinning as your raise your hand in class with the answer.  Well, if you’re the latter, get out of here now.  None of this is for you.  We have no need for your kind here.  People who suck at math rejoice– we’ve found each other at last!  If you’re bad at math, this will look all too familiar to you.

1. Trying to figure out the tip

Ok, so you never really mastered the art of adding and subtracting.  Trying to figure out how to tip is another thing entirely…and why don’t they teach you how to add up a tip in real life?  That would be a much more practical application for life.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.09.10 AM

2. The natural thing to do

After going through all the work and hassle of solving a problem, you find yourself realizing that none of the answers actually fits yours.  So, what do you do?  Pick the closest one, of course.  Because you must have only made a slight miscalculation.

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