The Incredible 3D Latte Art By Kazuki Yamamoto Will Amaze You All


3D Latte art is becoming quite popular, simply because of the awesome artists that make it what it is. One of these people is Michael Breach, but there’s also the Japanese Kazuki Yamamoto to consider, who is taking this latte art to a whole new artistic level. Yamamoto is just 26 years old, and is creating impressive 3D latte sculptures of animals, cartoon characters and famous personalities. He has even taken inspiration from paintings such as Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence Of Memory”, simply because he’s that damn good. Basically, his 3D technique involves the use of milk turned into foam, which can be done by the majority of coffee machines in just a couple of minutes. Kazuki Yamamoto serves his fantastic creations at the Cafe 10g in Osaka, Japan. So, if you’re heading over that way sometime soon and you can’t get enough of coffee, you know exactly where you’ll need to be to get your morning fix.


#1 The Cat In The Carp Latte Lake


 #2 The Laid-Back Seal