Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Antarctica


Answer quickly! What do you know about the cold and deserted territory of Antarctica? Well, we’re pretty sure it’s not a lot. Antarctica is an isolated continent on the south of the planet that’s extremely cold, with virtually no inhabitants. Believe it or not, it’s impossible to find a community of humans living there. That’s Antarctica, though – a place full of mysteries and freezing beauties that us humans still don’t really know much about. Here’s a special and interesting selection of 18 incredible facts you didn’t know about Antarctica. So, turn the heaters on, and hop aboard this freezing journey with us. Enjoy!


#1 Cold Desert

The cold and mysterious Antarctica territory is the world’s largest desert. Perhaps you didn’t know, but deserts don’t always have to be sandy.


#2 Where’s The Reptiles?

This is crazy, and we’re almost certain you’ve never heard this one before. In Antarctica, there are no species of reptiles. It’s actually the only continent in the entire world that does not have any reptiles, because of its climate, of course.


#3 Extremely Freezing

Anatartica has the coldest spot in the whole world, and is in the summit of a high hill, where temperatures can reach an incredible -93ºC.


#4 No Rain

The Antarctica territory is full of ice and water, but believe it or not, the continent hasn’t received a single drop of rain in 2 million years.

Antarctica coverage

#5 The Blood Waterfall

One of the weirdest facts about Antarctica is that it has a waterfall that, for some strange scientific reason, is as red as the blood in our veins. Creepy, or what?


#6 Cold Money

There is only one ATM in Antarctica.


#7 How To Work

You can only work on the frozen Antarctic continent if you have had your wisdom teeth and appendix removed.



#8 Penguins

It’s hard to believe, but there are actually no polar bears in Antarctica. But penguins? Yep, there’s a hell of a lotta penguins.



#9 Hard To Live

The freezing Antarctica continent is the most windy, high, cold and dry continent in the whole world.



#10 Impact On Gravity

Because of the polar ice melting and global warming, there has been a small impact on gravity.


#11 Chilean City

Chile owns a city in Antarctica with a school, hospital, hostel, mail and internet service, and TV and telephone signal coverage.



#12 Subterranean Lakes

There are almost 300 subterranean lakes in Antarctica that do not freeze because of the heat coming from the Earth’s nucleon.



#13 Cold Volcano

Mount Erebus is the southernmost active volcano in the world. Interestingly, besides lava, the cold volcano also expels ice crystals.


#14 The High Temperature

The highest temperature ever registered in Antarctica was an incredible 14.5ºC.


#15 Pray On Ice

Another crazy fact about the freezing continent of Antarctica is that there are at least 7 Christian churches along the territory.


#16 Warming Dates

A scientist living in Antarctica met a girl on Tinder who was camping just 45 minutes away.


#17 The First Baby

In 1977, Argentina sent a pregnant woman to Antarctica in an effort to claim part of the continent. The boy became the only human to be born there.


#18 The Biggest Iceberg

The largest iceberg ever measured there was bigger than Jamaican territory.