Incredible Surreal Digital Artworks by Martina Stipan


These amazing surreal artworks you are about to see is by a young Croatian artist named Martina Stipan. Born and raised in the northern Croatian city of Varaždin, the 17-year-old Stipan first began her artistic journey in 2009 after she discovered Photoshop. Since then she has been creating these incredible artworks featuring fantastical worlds of bizarre happenings.

Although she does these digital artworks as a hobby for now, Stipan’s ultimate goal is to become a professional graphic designer someday. As Stipan puts it, “I love to be inspired and open-minded and that’s why I love to art too. While doing an artwork I feel like I’m in different, dreamy world.” Here is a collection of some of her amazing work. Enjoy!

1. Abandoned


2. All That I Have

All That I Have

3. Bambi