Incredibly Insane Photos of Highliners Sleeping on Hammocks Hundreds of Feet in the Air


If you don’t like heights, you might want to stay clear of the International Highline Meeting, an annual gathering of thrill seekers, whose idea of fun is to set up their hammocks hundreds of feet in the air. Now in its third year, the event took place at Monte Piana in Italy and was attended by daredevil chillseekers from all over the world who call themselves slackliners. The adventurous spirits who attended this unique event were invited to walk along one of the 18 highlines, with some of the highlines reaching a height of 330 feet in the air. Some chillseekers even thought it was a good idea to pull out the guitar and sing some songs while being suspended in the air.

Sebastian Wahlhuetter, a photographer who also helped organized this event captured these incrediblly insane shots of the International Highline Meeting which ran from September 6 to 14. Check out below more breath-taking photos of these fearless slackliners as they are perilously perched between mountain tops.

1. A glorious place for a spot of relaxation.

A glorious place for a spot of relaxation on high, This spectacular image gives a hint of what the highliners find so appealing about a day in an elevated hammock

2. Smiling for the camera.

A smile for the camera, The dramatic images were captured by photographer Sebastian Wahlhuetter