Incredibly Rare Pictures Of Disneyland On The Opening Day


Here’s a simple question that, probably, everyone in the world will answer in the same way: where is the happiest place in the world? A place where magic happens every day and makes us believe that fairytales might actually be real? A place where even the elderly have the chance to act and feel like a child again? Of course, the answer to these questions is “Walt Disney World”, which, since July 17th, 1955, has made everyone believe that a happy and magical world still exists in each one of us. To show you a little bit more about this fantastic amusement park, we decided to travel back in time and make a special selection of some incredible and rare pictures of Disneyland on the opening day. Are you ready for a magical tour of the past? Hop aboard, and enjoy.

#1 The Ride


#2 Sunny Day