Incredibly Rare Pictures Of The Streets Of New York In The Early 20th Century


The United States Of America is well known to be one of the biggest powers in the world, and 1890 to 1930 is when the big economical boom started. This period saw millions of workers migrating to the biggest cities, looking for a new life and great opportunities. San Francisco was the largest city in the west, Atlanta in the south, Chicago the nation’s railroad hub and the largest of the Midwest, but New York was dominating the whole nation in terms of trade, finance, communications and culture. More than a fourth of the 300 largest corporations in 1920 were head-quartered in New York City, making the world open their eyes to the new capital of business. Here’s a special selection of incredibly rare pictures showing the streets of New York in the early 20th Century. Enjoy!

#1 Children Playing In Garbage Can, 1918


#2 Candy Store, 1918