Infamous Album Covers: Star Wars Version


After the new and memorable continuation of the Star Wars saga, it seems like every conversation we have revolves around the movie. And, it’s not so difficult to figure out why – after all, there are millions of Star Wars fans all over the world, who have been eagerly anticipating the movie’s release for quite some time. One of these fans is a talented Reddit user, who decided to combine Star Wars and some of the most classical and famous music albums in history, and the results are actually pretty funny. Here’s a special and galactic selection of infamous album covers in a Star Wars version. May the force be with you!

#1 Nevermind, Nirvana

Perhaps it would’ve always been a better choice to include Yoda on the ‘Nevermind’ album cover instead of the baby… right?


#2 The Colour And The Shape, Foo Fighters

‘The Colour and the Shape’ is the second studio album by Foo Fighters, and it was released in 1997.


#3 Paranoid, Black Sabbath

‘Paranoid’ was released in the 70’s and was a huge success all around the world. What do you guys think of the Star Wars version of the album cover?


#4 For Those About To Rock We Salute You, AC/DC

For those about to roll, R2-D2 salutes you!


#5 The Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd

It’s pretty obvious that Pink Floyd’s infamous album, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, was going to be remade into a Star Wars version.


#6 The Best Of, Blur

If the Star Wars characters were on the album cover instead of the members of Blur, it would look a little something like this…


#7 The Battle Of Los Angeles, Rage Against The Machine

‘The Battle of Los Angeles’ is the third studio album by Rage Against the Machine… or Rage Against The Empire. Whichever you prefer.


#8 Bad, Michael Jackson

Luke Skywalker, a bad guy? We think he fits rather well into Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ album cover.


#9 Random Access Memories, Daft Punk

Get Lukey! We love it.


#10 Rumours, Fleetwood Mac

Rumour has it that the Star Wars version of the album cover is even better than the original.


#11 In Utero, Nirvana

Here’s the funny robot C-3PO on the cover of another great Nirvana album.


#12 The Score, Fugges

‘The Score’ was a great success back in 1993, and here’s the album cover, filled with lovely Wookees.


#13 The Joshua Tree, U2

It goes without saying that one of the best musical albums in history would be included in this delightful collection.


#14 Harvest, Neil Young

The talented rock singer, Neil Young, has had his album cover remade into a Star Wars version, too!


#15 Led Zeppelin

‘Led Zeppelin’ is the eponymous debut studio album by Led Zeppelin, and was released on 12 January 1969.


#16 Teenage Dream, Katy Perry

Princess Leia would be the perfect Katy Perry in a galactic future universe, don’t you think?


#17 Rebel, Rebel, David Bowie

If Luke Skywalker was David Bowie we would see album covers exactly like this…



#18 Volume 4, Black Sabbath

And here’s is the great Chewbacca on Black Sabbath’s ‘Volume 4’ album cover.


#19 Blue Lines, Massive Attack

‘Blue Lines’ is the debut album by the British group Massive Attack and here it is in a Star Wars version.


#20 Sticky Fingers, The Rolling Stones

And of course, they couldn’t forget to mention this legendary rock group in this funny photo series.