Irish Baby Names You’ll Instantly Love


For many newly expecting parents, the goal is to have the perfect name picked out before your send out your baby shower invitations. How do you pick the perfect one before you’ve even met your sweet infant?!

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Irish baby names are unique and often have deep meanings, which makes them a favorite choice for soon-to-be-parents for their infants. We did our research and bring you the most unique Irish baby names for your to consider for your new infant.






Meaning: “joy” or “she who intoxicates”

Maeve is the name of the ancient Irish queen and has a lot more character than its similar names Mae/May or Mavis. This short and sweet name for your infant can also be spelled Meabh, which is the true Irish way.





Meaning: “red king”

Though Rory is a unisex name, we love it for a girl! The anticipation of having a baby is exciting  and this fun, spirited name has Celtic roots and is sometimes used as a nickname for Aurora or Lorelai, such as on the hit TV show “Gilmore Girls.”



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Meaning: “the Lord is gracious”

This sweet name is perfect for your new infant. It is the Irish Gaelic variation of the name Joan. Several early Irish queens had this name and it was first introduced over in the US by notable actress Siobhan McKenna.



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Meaning: “life”

Ava is a sweet and simple name, but that’s what makes it so popular! Even Hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman have chosen this name for their daughters.



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Meaning: “liberty”

Pronounced SIR-sha or SEER-sha, this name became popular in Ireland during the 1920s revolution. At the time it was a statement of freedom. Today, the name has become more mainstream thanks to young actress Saoirse Ronan, who you might recognize from the films “Atonement” or “The Lovely Bones.”





Meaning: “sorrowful”

Although Deirdre has a melancholy meaning, we still think it’s a strong Celtic name! Deirdre got its meaning from a tragic character in Irish legend. But despite its sadness, we think it’s beautiful.





Meaning: “honour”

Although this is a classic Irish name, it’s not really Irish at all! After becoming hugely popular in Ireland during the Middle Ages, people just assumed it was Irish. In fact, Noreen was also derived from the Greek name Honora meaning “honour, reputation” and is a short from of the French name Eleanor.





Meaning: “God’s gracious gift”

Interestingly, Sinead is the Irish form of Janet. The name is pronounced shin-AID and is in Ireland’s top 100 baby names. Its popularity is all thanks to Sinead O’Connor, a famous Irish singer-songwriter.





Meaning: “little king”

Regan, also spelt Reagan, is a popular Irish choice. Though it can be used as either a boy or girl name, it has recently gained popularity among girls. Consider this name for your infant!



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Meaning: “fire”

Enya is the English version of the Irish name Eithne. It was made popular by the Irish singer and composer St. Eithne.



Smiling Asian baby girl
Smiling Asian baby girl


Meaning: “beautiful”

Teagan is a trendy name for girls and is more original than its similar sounding names Megan and Reagan. Teagan is actually a form of the Welsh name Tegwin.



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Meaning: “sea”

Pronounced “Meer-ah,” this unique spelling has Irish ad Gaelic origins. Alternate spellings include Mira or Myra.





Meaning: “beautiful, radiant”

This is one of Ireland’s most popular names. Pronounced EE-fa, this name is an alternative to its English variations Ava or Eva. Aoife is the name of several heroines in ancient Irish legend and in one tale was the fiercest woman warrior in the world.





Meaning: “white, fair”

You don’t hear the name Fiona every day, but it’s a beautiful feminine moniker. Though it is of Scottish origin, the name has become quite popular in Ireland. It is the feminine form of the name Fionn.





Meaning: “strength, exalted one”

Bree is an Irish name that is derived from names like Brid, Brigh, and Brigid. This short, carefree name is sweet, but also has a sophisticated edge. It was made popular in the 1971 film “Klute” where Jane Fonda played the lead character Bree Daniel.





Meaning: “God is gracious”

This is the Irish form of John and is the most typical Irish name you can think of! While the name Sean is not quite as popular today as it once was (it was the top Irish name for three decades!), those wanting to link back to their Irish roots will surely love this name for their son.



Baby sitting laughing
Baby sitting laughing


Meaning: “cloud”

This name can be pronounced like Neil or like the river Nile. It’s new spelling gives the name a cool twist for parents looking for something a little more inventive for their newborn.



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Meaning: “grassy hill, hollow”

This name is the English spelling of an Ireland county, hence its meaning. Cavan isn’t a name you hear every day, which makes it a unique choice in a world full of Johns and Michaels!



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Meaning: “salmon”

Bradan has a smooth new sound that combines the names Brady and Brendan together. The moniker is becoming popular because it is a fresh take on an old name.





Meaning: “one from south Munster”

Although this is an Irish surname, it also works well as a first name. Desmond has a lovely air of sophistication due to its noble ties to Nobel Peace Prize-winner Bishop Desmond Tutu and it also has some great nickname variations, such as Des or Dezi.



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Meaning: “white, fair”

Finn is an adorable and charming name that is sure to age well as your little one grows. Finn is the name of the greatest hero of Irish mythology, Finn MacCool. He was a mythical hunter-warrior. So if you’re looking for a strong, charismatic name, Finn is it!





Meaning: “little wolf”

Conan is like the name Conor with a twist! While the name used to be associated mainly with the a fierce Barbarian, it has become more likable thanks to hilarious talk show host Conan O’Brien.



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Meaning: “light or pale little green one”

The name Oran is highly unique and has five variations: Oren, Orin, Orran, Orren, and Orrin. The moniker was originally derived from the Irish name Odhran, which is the name of 17 saints!



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Meaning: “spear strength”

Garrett, which can also be spelt with a single ‘t,’ used to be highly popular in the 90s but has since slipped. Its name variations are Garrison, Garrick, or Garth.



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Meaning: “chief leader, intelligence”

Quinn is a Celtic surname of Irish origin. While the name is used more for boys, the hit TV showGlee has made the name more feminine with a female cheerleader character that holds the moniker. Other boy versions of this name include Quinton, Quincy, and Finn.



Cute Baby Boy
Cute Baby Boy


Meaning: “resolute protection”

Here’s a fun fact: Liam is a short form of the name William. Not only that, but Liam is one of the fastest-rising Irish names in the US and broke in to the top 10 last year. Famous parents like Harrison Ford, Tori Spelling, and Kevin Costner all have sons named Liam.



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Meaning: “supplanter”

Seamus is another popular Irish name that is well-known around the world. Seamus is particularly known because of the 1995 Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney. Not only that, but Seamus Finnigan was also the name of a character in the Harry Potter series who was friends with Potter himself, which is how most people know the moniker.



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Meaning: “wealthy protector”

Eamon is said to be the successor of the name Aiden, which is also Irish. Eamon is an older generation name in Ireland, which makes it a fresh sound when hearing it today.



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Meaning: “born of the yew tree”

Though this name is commonly heard throughout Scotland and Canada, it is of Irish origins. The name comes from a variation of names such as John, Owen, Evan, and Eugene. Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has made the name quite popular in modern times.



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Meaning: “bard, royal poet”

Riordan is a name with important historical Irish roots. In Irish tradition, a poet was highly regarded in any royal household and was meant to be a scholar, historian, and advisor to the king. Riordan is the name derived from this role as a royal poet.