Some Of The Most Irritating Humble Brags


Don’t you just hate it when your friends on Facebook or the people you’re following on Twitter humble brags?  This is when they “subtly” let others know how great they are, yet they pretend to undercut it with some kind of “poor me” line.  Just check out some of these irritating humble brags to get an idea (they’re probably as bad as The Most Public Break-Ups In Facebook History).

#1 The Beautiful Without Trying One

This is a doozy humble brag on Twitter that tells all of us that you’re so beautiful even without trying.  Really makes us all feel good…really!

The Beautiful Without Trying One

#2 The Knows Famous People One

Aww, shucks, you got your email hacked?  But, by the way, you just wanted everyone to know that you know Olivia Munn and have access to her personal email account?

The Knows Famous People One