Issues People Who Wear Glasses Have To Deal With


So, you survived your childhood after being called a four-eyes and you’ve even come to kind of like your glasses.  They make you feel cool…unique, even.  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a pain to wear.  Here are 15 issues people who wear glasses have to deal with.

1. Getting steam-eye and not being able to see when you open the oven

This also happens when you open a dishwasher, try to drink tea and anytime someone’s hot breath gets way too close.


2. Constantly pushing them back up your nose

This happens even when your glasses fit properly.  It could be a hot and sunny day outside, thus making you sweat.


3. Having to switch your glasses and sunglasses each time you go in and out

Prescription sunglasses are an awesome pain. Awesome because you can see with your sunglasses…but a pain to take them off and switch to glasses when you get inside.


4. Exercising in glasses just plain sucks

You feel gross, you feel like you look gross and those dang glasses won’t stay put for anything.


5. Putting 3D glasses over your glasses at the movies

You have to smash them down and they never seem to fit correctly.


6. “Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head…”

Rain on glasses means they’ll be instantly spotty.  So much for all that cleaning you did.


7. Trying to get comfortable on a pillow while wearing glasses is the worst

Either you feel like they’re about to break or they push against your head and give you an instant headache.


8. People constantly ask why you can’t just wear contacts

As if.  Have they ever had to shove their finger in their eye every dang day of their lives?  It’s not easy…or pleasant. glasses8

9. Roller coaster drama

It’s the age-old dilemma— do you wear them and risk losing them…or do you take them off and not be able to see anything for the duration of the ride?


10. When someone wants you to see something right after you took your glasses off

Then you’ve got to put them back on all over again and it’s usually to see something for five seconds or less.


11. People who want to try your glasses on

Right…like that’s going to magically fix their own vision.  What it’s going to do is be really blurry and give them an instant headache.


12. You can’t shower with your glasses on

So, you make sure everything is all ready to go before getting in.  You don’t want to mix up the order of your shampoo and conditioner


13 . When you wake up and have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

But, your glasses are somewhere in the dark and if you go without them, you risk bumping into things.


14. Losing your glasses

Losing your glasses is the worst thing that can happen because you can’t even see well enough to find them again.


15. People give you flack about wearing your glasses all the time

But, you can’t help that you like wearing them so much.  They’re a part of you!