The Amazing Surreally Futuristic Artworks of Jie Ma


Jie Ma, a Shanghai-based digital artist, combines science fiction and fantasy in his otherworldly artwork about futuristic worlds. The Chinese concept designer gives us surreal dreamscapes that seem extraterrestrial yet strangely familiar somehow. His artworks are filled with captivating imagery like enormous libraries with gigantic books, staircases that lead to the sky and floating cities.

Vividly visual in style, Jie Ma’s cinematic alien landscapes looks like something out of a video game that chronicles tales of lore, isolation and advance technology. Jie Ma has previously worked on NeverWinter’s Night, Olympus Has Fallen, The Last Stand. Check out more of his work below.

1. A Wishful Way

a wishful way

2. Another Reflection

another reflection

3. Astronaut