Just Top It All Off With An Egg! Food That Becomes Better When Topped With A Sunny Side-Up Egg


A sunny side-up egg by itself is a thing of beauty.  Food that becomes better when topped with a sunny side-up egg takes the dish to another level!

#1 Sausage Crepe

Buttery thin crepes with crumbly sausage make the perfect setting for a sunny side-up egg.  Eat this for brunch or any meal, for that matter!

Sausage Crepe

#2 Bone-In Tuscan Rib Eye

This 28 oz. bone-in Tuscan rib eye can stand on its own, but finish it off with a sunny side-up egg and you have perfection!

Bone-In Tuscan Rib Eye

#3 Corned Beef Hash

The perfect breakfast—corned beef hash already with your sunny side-up egg.  It’s a hole-in-one corned beef hash!

Corned Beef Hash

#4 Portobello Stack

This Portobello Stack has portobello mushrooms, topped with kale cranberry pecan shopped salad, and of course, a sunny side-up egg!  Now this is the kind of healthy salad we can get on board with!

Portobello Stack

#5 Bibimbap

The traditional bibimbap from Korea is rice mixed with vegetables and meat (optional).  It is served with a spicy Korean hot pepper paste.  Topping it with a sunny side-up egg makes the flavor of this dish deeper and more delicious!


#6 Peperonata with Creamy Parmesan Polenta

The traditional Italian dish, peperonata, features the humble bell pepper.  Goes best with creamy Parmesan polenta and a sunny side-up egg!

Peperonata with Creamy Parmesan Polenta

#7 Sausage Tostadas

These sausage tostadas with cheese goes really well with a sunny side-up egg on top.  The crunch from the corn tortilla marries well with the creamy melted cheese and egg yolk.  Happiness in a bite!

Sausage Tostadas

#8 Con Suon Bi

A Vietnamese dish, Con Suon Bi is steamed rice with barbecue pork chop, shredded pork, pork hash, and ham.  This very filling dish goes well with a sunny side-up egg.  Go and watch the egg spread all over the dish!

Con Suon Bi

#9 Mie Goreng

Going with the Asian theme, a sunny side-up egg partners well with Mie Goreng, an Indonesian dish with Asian-style noodles and vegetables.

Mie Goreng

#10 Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

The sunny side-up egg on top of a prosciutto and arugula pizza adds savoriness to the dish when the runny yolk mixes with the meat, vegetables, and dough!

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza