Kendall Jones: A Teenage Hunter With A Bloodlust


Many animal activists are protesting Walter Palmer’s unlicensed kill of Cecil the lion, outraged with his actions. But what if I told you a bigger monster was out there, killing dozens of endangered species and filming it for Youtube? Meet Kendall Jones, the 20-year-old cheerleader with a chilling pastime.

WARNING: photos in this article may be graphic in nature. Discretion is advised.

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Kendall Jones is a 20-year-old marketing major and cheerleader at Texas Tech University who has been hunting animals in Africa since she was 14.


Jones posts many of her kills on Facebook while posing with the dead animals. She has posted shots of elephants, hippos and lions, as well as many other animals. Here you can see her posing with a dead lynx and the tail of an elephant she killed.


Her photos on Facebook attracts hundreds of thousands of likes from other hunting enthusiasts. They have also sparked outrage from animal activists who have started a petition asking social media providers to take her pictures down. The petition has received over 40,000 signatures to remove her Facebook page, branding it as publicized animal cruelty.


She also claims to be the youngest person in the world to kill the big five, taking the life of a white rhino, lion, Cape buffalo, leopard, and African elephant at the age of 14. Here you can see a proud Jones, still sporting braces, with a dead antelope.


She says she shot six of the dangerous seven in that year alone (the seven include hippos and crocodiles), adding a hippo to her list of kills.


Now 20 years old, Jones continues to hunt and kill wildlife under the title of a conservationist. Kendall writes on her Facebook:

Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these. Funds from a hunt like this goes partially to the government for permits but also to the farm owner is an incentive to keep and raise lions on their property.


In another photo, she poses with an endangered rhinoceros species, with critics livid over the picture. She counters, claiming it was alive and well.

The vet drew blood, took DNA samples, took body and head measurements, treated a leg injury and administered antibiotics. I felt very lucky to be part of such a great program and procedure that helps the White Rhino population through conservation.

Here she poses with a leopard kill as she posts it to Facebook.


However, it doesn’t seem to add up with her actions as a hunter. In her quest to hunt the big five, Kendall Jones killed a white rhino, of which there are only 20,000 left in the wild. This makes it a very endangered species. She has since killed many other animals on her adventures.


In the picture below, you can see her with a different rhino she’s killed. About her first kill, Kendall writes on her Facebook page:

The first animal I ever shot was a White Rhino with a .416 Remington!!


Kendall Jones also has her own online show called “Kendall Jones: Game On!“, sponsored by the Remington Outdoor Company. The show highlights and shows many of her kills as she goes hunting.

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Jones shares many of her kills on Facebook, sharing with her fans and followers and standing by her sport.

Another harvest for today. White springbok, it’s 1 of the 4 color shades of this animal! And let me tell you it’s one of my favorite kinds of meat so far!


So, if you’re out there protesting Cecil’s death and taking a stance against animal cruelty, don’t forget Kendall Jones. She’s a notorious lion killer and has been able to get away with it by taking the position of an animal conversative. She defends her kiling of animals such as elephants, saying their meat goes on to feed hundreds of villagers. What do you think? Is that a good reason to hunt? Let us know in the comment section below!