Did You Know Teachers Can Have A Sense Of Humor Too?


Who knew teachers could be fun and funny?  These 17 teachers take funny to the next level by writing funny notes on student’s papers, dressing up in costumes and making you laugh.  So, did you know teachers can have a sense of humor too?  They totally can- check it out.

1. Why use a fly swatter when you can use a torch?

This teacher demonstrated his great power while also maintaining the interest of the students by torching a wasp.


2. Put ya name on it

Teachers like pop culture too, apparently.


3. Who needs a laser pointer when you have a Jedi lightsaber?

The costume makes this whole thing so much cooler.


4. Or you could just settle for a giant stick

Sticks can point things out easily too.


5. Teachers know about ninjas too

Visible ninjas are really not very good ninjas.


6. Teachers make fun of students who select dumb answers on tests

I mean, Gary Busey…come on kid, you knew that wasn’t right!


7. Some teachers have tricks up their sleeve to keep students from cheating on tests

Like sitting atop a ladder to have a bird-eye view of the class.


8. Or making students put their cell phones on the chalk board during the test

Phones have all kinds of apps these days that give students easy access to test answers.


9. Teachers like to talk a break sometimes too

We love the fake doll arms in the sweater.  Good one, teacher.


10. #YOLO

This teacher is pointing out that by having the swagger attitude of YOLO, you’re also setting yourself up for a life of working at the local McDonald’s making minimum wage.


11. Teachers like to  take selfies too

Next time, lock your phone so the teacher can’t get into it.


12. You fail…but here’s an A for effort

This student was creative…but he was also wrong on every single answer.


13. Because nobody likes Bieber anymore

Now all the students will remember a pencil.


14. Looks like the teddy bear got it

The teacher drew a dead teddy bear and gave him a C anyway.


15. Crazy homework

This teacher just wants students to have some fun while doing their ‘homework’


16. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

This teacher uses Lady Gaga lyrics to keep students attention in chemistry.


17. Use spell checker

Shakespeare was a Renaissance writer…Sharkspear looks like the drawing that the teacher made.