Let Me In! These Animals Want To Get Back Inside Right Now


If you live in a house and have a dog, cat or any other animal, you’ll probably recognize the following images very well. Most of the time, our precious pets are pretty indecisive. One minute they’re desperate to get outside, and the next, they want to come back into our homes and sleep in their comfortable beds. This makes it rather confusing for us hopeless humans, since it’s never really clear what our animals want. Here’s a funny selection of 18 indecisive animals who are begging their owners to open the door and let them back inside. But, the question is… who let the dogs out? Enjoy!

#1 Someone Open The Dooooooooooooor

As you can see in the picture below, this desperate dog is begging for someone inside to open the door and let him go inside right now. Before too long, he’s gonna be pretty p*ssed off with everyone.