Let Me In! These Animals Want To Get Back Inside Right Now


If you live in a house and have a dog, cat or any other animal, you’ll probably recognize the following images very well. Most of the time, our precious pets are pretty indecisive. One minute they’re desperate to get outside, and the next, they want to come back into our homes and sleep in their comfortable beds. This makes it rather confusing for us hopeless humans, since it’s never really clear what our animals want. Here’s a funny selection of 18 indecisive animals who are begging their owners to open the door and let them back inside. But, the question is… who let the dogs out? Enjoy!

#1 Someone Open The Dooooooooooooor

As you can see in the picture below, this desperate dog is begging for someone inside to open the door and let him go inside right now. Before too long, he’s gonna be pretty p*ssed off with everyone.


#2 Excuse Me, Can I Come Back In?!

Now this one is absolutely adorable. This cute little kitten is knocking politely on the glass door in an attempt to stop his owner using the camera, and open the damn door. We don’t think we’d be able to resist.


#3 The Little Rascals

We don’t know what these little rascals did to get locked outside their house, but whatever it was, they’re probably regretting it, and it’s clear they want to get back inside. Even the chickens are helping them on their desperate mission!


#4 Here’s Johnny!

Of course, this scene would be much scarier if there was a hole in the door and it had Jack Nicholson’s face poking through, but the case is a little different here. This impatient cat just wants to get inside the bathroom now, and will do anything to achieve his wish.


#5 The Curious Deer

Deer are very shy and reserved creatures, but it looks like these two don’t really give a sh*t about any humans who might be around. For some reason, all they want is to have a conversation with this cat.


#6 The Spidercat

If Peter Parker had a cat, it would probably be ginger, and behave just like this one below. All we know right now is that this kitty is not happy at all, and desperately wants to get back inside the house.


#7 Boo!

Another Spidercat?! No! The ginger fella below just looks plain scary, and is probably doing his best to intimidate those inside the house. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and facing this bizarre scene!


#8 The Sad Badger

It looks like there’s a party happening inside the house, and the badger is standing outside in his loneliness, watching and wanting to join in the fun. Come on, guys… just open the door and give him a slice of cake!


#9 Poor Little Girl

Here’s the first ginger cat in this article who doesn’t seem to have any super power – all she can do is look on with this incredibly sad face. Just let her back in, you cruel, cruel humans!


#10 The Superglued Cat

No, this is not fake or a picture manipulated on Photoshop – this cat really knows the secret of grabbing onto the glass and staying there. Believe it or not, this is exactly what happens when they grow bored of being outside.


#11 Where Is Everybody?!

This lovely boxer dog below seems pretty curious to know where the hell everybody is. He just left to have a quick pee, and when he tried to get back inside, he found the door closed. He’s not happy at all.


#12 Bad Christmas Night Outside

Can you imagine your family leaving you outside in your backyard on the night of Christmas Eve? That’s exactly what happened to the poor dog below, and as we can see, he’s really quite eager to get back inside and join in the festivities.


#13 Yo!

Yo b*tch, let me in ma crib! That’s exactly what the little thug dog below was thinking when this picture was taken. We think it’s probably best for the owners to just abide by his wishes – otherwise, there’s probably gonna be some pretty shady stuff going on.


#14 We Have Visitors

This lovely little kitten below brought a special friend to dinner, but clearly, his owners wouldn’t open the door. Sorry, little kitty, but deer aren’t welcome in our home!


#15 We Are Here

These two siblings are getting chilly outside, and just want to get back inside and sleep in their warm, cosy beds. Before they can do that, though, someone needs to open the door!


#16 Someone Is Following Me

Cats can’t talk, but it’s pretty obvious that this one is trying to alert us about something. Just look into his eyes, and sense his fear about this strange peacock following him for no apparent reason. Open the damn door!


#17 It’s Raining!

Seems like someone here is definitely not happy about the awful situation he’s been left in. After all, there’s nothing worse than being forgotten outside in the rain! We feel for you, kid.


#18 I’m Going Insane

This lovely husky dog below is clearly going crazy in the cold outside, and desperately needs to get back inside before he loses his sanity completely. Come on, guys! We know it’s his natural habitat, but don’t be so cruel.