Life Hacks That Will Save You Some Serious Cash


Life can get pretty expensive.  But, if you’re smart, you can learn ways to scrimp and save and hold on to more of what you’ve got.  Don’t you just love life hacks?  They teach you so many things you would otherwise never know.  Sigh.  Life is good.  Here are 23 life hacks that will save you some serious cash.

1. Save those scraps

Don’t throw out scraps of food that can be juiced, blended or re-used in some way. You’ll get more for your money and have more to eat as well.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.13.38 PM

2. Reuse pickle brine

Why throw out perfectly good pickle brine when all the pickles are gone when you can use it again?  You can put green tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, or peppers in there and make your own pickled treats. 

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