Life Hacks That Will Save You Some Serious Cash


Life can get pretty expensive.  But, if you’re smart, you can learn ways to scrimp and save and hold on to more of what you’ve got.  Don’t you just love life hacks?  They teach you so many things you would otherwise never know.  Sigh.  Life is good.  Here are 23 life hacks that will save you some serious cash.

1. Save those scraps

Don’t throw out scraps of food that can be juiced, blended or re-used in some way. You’ll get more for your money and have more to eat as well.

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2. Reuse pickle brine

Why throw out perfectly good pickle brine when all the pickles are gone when you can use it again?  You can put green tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, or peppers in there and make your own pickled treats. 

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3. Make your own seasoning blends

Why buy seasoning packets over and over again at the store when you can make seasoning blends that will last longer, taste better and be cheaper than the store-bought stuff.  Not to mention, things from the store also contain more chemicals too.

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4. Make your own microwave popcorn

You don’t have to have microwave popcorn or a popcorn maker to enjoy cheap popcorn.  Simply heat popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag and you’re on your way!

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5. Learn some copycat recipes

Copycat recipes are the ones from restaurants that you love so much.  Learn some of your favorite recipes and try them at home to save money (instead of eating out).

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6. Make your own Swiffer pads

Those Swiffer pads can be mighty pricey…but they’re not so bad when you make them yourself. All you need is some cloth, thick cleaning  pads and a sewing machine to stitch one up for yourself.

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7. Make your own laundry detergent

Not only is this very cost-effective, it’s also easy and makes a giant load that you can use forever.  Hello– piece of cake!

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8. Foil dryer sheet

You don’t need to spend lots of money on dryer sheets (which seem to be getting more expensive all the time) when you can just use a big ball of aluminum foil.  You can use it over and over and it reduces static cling just like dryer sheets do.

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9. Make your mascara last longer

Whenever your mascara starts getting clumpy or dry, put a few drops of saline solution in the bottle and mix it around.  You should find that your problem will be solved for a while longer.

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10. Squish your toilet paper rolls

By squishing the rolls down, you’ll make them oblong-shaped, which makes it harder to take the paper off the roll quickly, meaning you’ll be likely to use a little bit less and the paper will last longer.

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11. Sharpen a dull razor using jeans

Make your razor last much longer by sharpening it on a pair of jeans.  Slide the razor down the length of the jeans several times.  This should help get rid of small nicks in the blade and make it easier to use longer.

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12. Save on water in your toilet

By placing a bottle filled with water inside your toilet, the bowl won’t fill up as much and you’ll save lots on your water bill.

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13. Split a Costco card

Purchase a Costco membership with a friend or neighbor and split the cost.  Or have someone you know with a Costco or Sam’s club card buy you gift cards.  You can buy from the store with a gift card.

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14. Make your own dog toys

Why buy Fido a new toy all the time when you can make one from old shirts?  Simply tie three long pieces of fabric together in a braid and knot it off on the ends.

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15. Pack a lunch for the airplane

Nobody likes to travel hungry and airport food is expensive.  Bring your own from home.

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16. Use olive oil for all sorts of things!

Look at all the amazing uses for olive oil:

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17. Buy meat when it’s on sale and save

By freezing the on sale meat to eat later, you’ll save money and time!

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18. Use leftover wine

If you have a tiny bit of wine left, make wine ice cubes for cooking.

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19. Make your own bread

Making bread at home usually tastes better and is cheaper in the long run than buying bread at the store.

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20. Make your own mixes

Why buy brownie and muffin mix over and over again when you can just make it yourself?

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21. Make your own hand soap

This soap doesn’t cost much to make but will leave you with hand soap for days.

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