Little Things You Can Do Now That Will Make A Big Difference


If you’re looking to make a big difference in your life today or in the future, here are a couple of little things you can do right now.  These aren’t big scary things, just little things that will lead to great changes (remember these seemingly little things that actually changed the world’s history?)!

#1 Be in the moment.

You are now at this place at this time.  Be in the moment and concentrate on what is going around you.  Tomorrow will deal with its own problems and the past is already finished.  No need to over-stress where it’s not really needed.

Be in the moment.

#2 Have something nice to say.

Although this might seem like a piece of cake, it is not easy for everyone to say a nice thing to others, particularly if they are used to being offensive or negative.  Make a change now by saying at least one nice thing.  You’ll be surprised at how good this can make you feel and can even turn into an actual habit!

Have something nice to say.