All The Little Things Your Man Loves About You


There are so many sweet things about you that drive your guy absolutely crazy.  This is how you can tell if he’s really in love with you– does he do the things on this list?  Here are all the little things your man loves about you.

1. How your smile lights up your face

Once he gets you to smile, he’ll keep on working to bring it back.  He’s just gotta have that grin in his life– he can’t get enough of it.


2. How he smiles when thinks about you

He might be stuck in traffic, bored in a meeting or lying next to you in bed, but the spark of a thought about you brings an instant smile to his lips.  He loves that feeling.


3. How you play with his hair when you’re not thinking

He loves the way you drag your  fingers through his hair or across his arm or back when he’s driving or when you’re watching a movie or whatever it is that you two love to do.


4. How you love being close to him

He loves that you want to be near him all the time.  Whether it’s sitting on the couch together, or snuggled up in bed, he loves being close to you too.


5. How you smile after a kiss

Some guys love this so much that they’ll pull you in for another one after the first kiss.  It’s cute the way your lips are puckered up in a smile and your eyes are closed with happiness.


6. When he catches you looking at him absent-mindedly

Guys love it when they glance over at you, only to find that you’ve been studying him for a few moments without even thinking about it.  It’s an instant ego-booster for them, and they love that you’re looking at them. date6

7. He loves that cute little thing you do that you don’t even know that you do

Maybe it’s how your wrinkle up your nose or how your mouth look when you laugh.  Maybe it’s how you twist your hair or walk in circles when you’re deep in thought, but no matter what your little thing is, he adores it.


8. When he catches your eye across a crowded place

There’s just something magical about locking eyes with the one you love across a crowded square, or restaurant or room.  Even though you two are physically apart, time stops and nothing around you matters but him.  He feels it and you do too.


9. He loves being able to ask you for advice

Not only does he love you, he trusts you.  He knows you’ll give an honest opinion and that you really will try to help him when he’s dealing with a difficult question or needs some counsel.


10. He loves how things feel so right with you

Of course, relationships take work, but things just seem natural with you.  Neither of you has to put so much effort that the result doesn’t feel worth it.  Nope, things are great.


11. He loves those little intimacies

Of course he loves sexy time…but he loves all those little hugs, hand-holding, kisses at the door.  All the sweet little things that show that you care and bring you closer together.


12. He loves looking you in the eyes

If he really loves you, he’ll never tire of looking your straight in the eyes.  He’ll tell you how beautiful those eyes are and he might even put his thumb under your chin to pull you in close.


13. He loves your quirks

Whether it’s how you ball your clothes up on the floor or the little sounds you make when you’re cold or hungry, he finds in all endearing.


14. When you do sweet things for him

It might mean a lot to your spouse that the house is picked up when he comes home.  Or that you make his favorite meal after a long day.  Whatever it is that he appreciates, he’ll love you even more for thinking of him…and doing it.


15. When you can be quiet

Sometimes, love doesn’t have to be loud and out-of-control.  Sometimes being in love is totally silent.  It’s the peace of sitting next to one another, maybe even doing different things but just being together that’s so wonderful.