The Love Creativity! The 18 Very Best Couple Tattoos


Love, Love, Love! Our lives are based around it – gas to our cars is just like love to our hearts. Sure, it sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true. And, when we’re in love, we always seem to find special ways to show our partners just how much we adore them. Sometimes we do them as proof of love, and other times, it’s to express our feelings without using words. Actually, many people prefer to show their love through permanent designs on their skin, creating awesome tattoos to eternally devote themselves to their other halves. And these days, it’s not uncommon to come across a couple who have matching tattoos, dedicated to one another. That’s exactly what we’re showing you today. Here’s a lovely selection of the 18 very best couple tattoos you’ve ever seen. Enjoy!


#1 Tin Can Telephone

This lovely old school tattoo is very simple but deep in feelings. The love we feel for another person is like a kind of connection, so voila! That’s exactly what this tattoo depicts.