These Loyal And Brave Dog Soldiers Will Brighten Your Day


We don’t have a single doubt that dogs are a man’s best friend – they are loyal, friendly and protective like no other animal in the world, and that’s why we can see so many amazing examples of dogs helping us with so many different tasks, like guide-dogs, sniffer-dogs, hunting-dogs, soldier-dogs, and more. We don’t know why dogs us humans so much, but the fact is, we cannot live without their help and friendship. To illustrate our unique relationship with dogs a little better, we found some brilliant and emotional pictures showing some loyal and brave dog soldiers that will definitely brighten your day. Enjoy!

#1 Jump!

Many humans can’t be brave enough to jump from an airplane and face a crazy and breathtaking free fall, but this courageous German Shepherd and soldier doesn’t have a fear in the world – he just wants to help his owner.


#2 A Kiss In The War-zone

A war-zone is not the most pleasant place in the world, but even in a such hostile atmosphere there’s some space for love and friendship. Thanks to the presence of this beautiful dog, the war is over for a few minutes.


#3 Super Dog

How crazy is this picture? We can’t even imagine what this great dog’s soldier owner is thinking in a moment like this. The fact is, these dogs are heroes, and would willingly give their own lives for ours.


#4 Sniffer Dog

To understand a little more why exactly dogs are helping soldiers in terrible war zones, this picture below portrays a brave German Shepherd who works sniffing bombs and mines, saving dozens of lives every single day.


#5 Friends Forever

Clearly, the difficult job of these amazing and brave canine heroes isn’t easy. So sometimes, their owners have to show their love and appreciation for them, just like this soldier below.


#6 The Savior

It’s not only dogs that are helping soldiers in the war zones – in fact, it’s the other way round, too. This soldier removed the puppy from a conflict zone, and in the process, gave him another chance at life.


#7 The Prayer

It hurts like hell when we lose a pet that meant a lot to us, and the same applies when a dog loses an owner they loved unconditionally. In the picture below, this stunning and loyal friend is mourning for his late owner.


#8 Congratulations!

It’s not only difficult times that take up the life of a soldier – they are also rewarded at the end of their ordeal, and are praised for their most heroic acts. The same applies for the dogs!


#9 Scars From The War

Of course, it’s rare for these amazing heroes to return home without any scars from the war. The picture below proves that even after the most difficult of ordeals, there’s always a chance to carry on.


#10 Action!

The soldier’s dogs are always ready to get in on the action and help their owners, no matter how hard the situation is.


#11 Time To Rest

After a hard day inside the difficult and dangerous conflict zone, nothing could be better than a little rest with some cuddles and fresh water.


#12 All Dogs Go To Heaven

Of course, sometimes bad things happen to these brave soldiers, and some of them lose their lives whilst fighting for their owner’s country. But the fact is, all dogs go to heaven.


#13 Back Home

There’s nothing better than returning home and meeting our loyal canine friend who we left behind for a while.


#14 Eyes Wide Open

This tireless black dog is in the middle of a dangerous zone, but his eyes can’t relax, and he will keep watch loyally to make sure his owner stays safe.


#15 Hero

What a beautiful image portraying this soldier shaking the hand paw of his brave hero after months of fighting and dedication in the war zone. God bless these lovely creatures.